Product Information

All SSMA products have a four part identification code which identifies the size (both depth and flange
width), style, and material thickness of each member.

(Example: 0.054 in. = 54 mils;
1 mil = 1/1000 in.)
Material thickness is the
minimum base metal thickness
in mils. Minimum base metal
thickness represents 95% of
the design thickness.

(Example: 1 5?8" = 1.625" ~ 162 × 1/100 inches)
All flange widths are taken in 1/100 inches.

(Example: 6" = 600 × 1/100 inches)
All member depths are taken in 1/100 inches.
For all “T” sections member depth is the
inside to inside dimension.

(Example: Stud or Joist section = S)
The four alpha characters utilized by the
designator system are:
S = Stud or Joist Sections
T = Track Sections
U = Channel Sections
F = Furring Channel Sections

Note: For those sections where two different yield strengths (33 ksi and 50 ksi) are shown, the yield strength used in the design, if greater than 33 ksi, needs to be identified on the design and ordering of steel. (i.e., 600S162-54 (50 ksi))

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