There are several proprietary studs on the market today that brought deep concern to independent steel stud fabricators across the U.S.

After 3 years of continuous development, a superior in strength 57 ksi, 24 mil steel stud (30 Equal) with a larger flange width was developed called Supreme Framing System.

An Independent Stud Manufacturer approached Neal Peterson, P.E. of DEVCO Engineering with the idea of using high yield 57,000 psi steel in a light gauge stud, an application never promulgated before. Neal played a huge role in the development of Supreme, from the exact profile size to the engineering and calculations of wall heights and structural properties of the steel. He also worked very closely with the composite wall testing that was under the supervision of Principal Investigator Thomas Miller, PhD. of Oregon State University’s School of Civil and Construction Engineering. Thomas Miller is highly respected in the industry for providing all of the testing of Cold-Formed Steel Wall Stud Panels for the MSMA (Metal Stud Manufacturer’s Association) and has also provided all of the Composite Wall Testing for the SSMA (Steel Stud Manufacturer’s Association). All of the testing conforms to the new 2006 IBC Codes that will be required for all future projects.

Supreme is currently listed under seven different UL (Underwriters Laboratories) designs for 1 hour through 4 hour fire walls. The sound testing was conducted under the highest standards of approval by Riverbanks Acoustical Laboratories.

There are several companies committed to manufacture Supreme Framing System throughout the United States.

all information provided by SSFSA.