United Metal Products is a proud member of SSMA. We are in accordance with all specifications set by our organizations to provide you with superior products.


SSMA developed its Code Compliance Certification Program as a means for member manufacturers to certify that structural cold-formed steel framing they produce complies with IBC 2006 code requirements.

Structural cold-formed steel framing certification is independently validated by Architectural Testing*.  The validation process includes a minimum of two unannounced manufacturing facility audits per year, as well as on-going random selection and independent testing of certified cold-formed steel framing products.

Manufacturing facilities that satisfy the requirements for certification are authorized to certify structural cold- formed steel framing members that they produce as permitted by the Program Requirements.  The list of manufacturing facilities with certification authorization is updated as changes occur so it is always current.

Look for the label.  The SSMA Certification Label, prominently displayed on units (skids or bundles), or optionally on each framing member, certifies that the material meets or exceeds Code requirements.

*Architectural Testing is an accredited inspection agency in accordance with ISO 17020.

all information provided by SSMA.